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Pasang Lama

  • Pasang Lama

    Pasang Lama

  • Pasang Lama is the president/Founder of Quick Track and Abroad Study Center, he owns 50 locations of retail chain spread out in the state of Texas. In the year 2004, he took an audacious investment in a mediocre convenience store. It was a challenge to keep the business open in the first year. However, he embraced the challenges that comes with working in the industry and built a robust management team from his family and friends.

    Adversities are part of life. He says the best way to handle it is to face it rather than being fearful of it. He learned from each failure and kept moving onto the next business project. There are 51 Quick Track's now. He believes that it is important for leaders to be visionary and strongly believe in things that he set out to implement. With these conviction and commitment, he believes he can take Abroad Study Center and Quick Track to the next level along with his other Business too.