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Our Vision & Mission

Our Vision & Mission


  • Deliver exceptional service with integrity and accountability to become the most trusted name in the business of education consulting and overseas education.
  • To develop as one of the most trustable and ethical organization in the education consultancy sector.
  • To develop innovative partnership with foreign universities in terms of student recruitment.
  • To contribute to the development of the industry as a whole by coordinating and liaising services among other similar institutions.


  • To enable students to achieve their dreams and reach their potential in whatever they aim to do.
  • To provide unparalleled academic excellence.
  • To promote ethical practices and the development of social awareness and responsibility in all of our students.
  • To encourage all students to aim high in whatever they do, and to impose no limits on students' ambitions.
  • To take pride in, praise, promote and support all that is excellent in our students.
  • To work with the high-esteemed hallmark of honesty, courage, fair play and initiative-taking along with the teamwork of our people and our ability to respond effectively to the positive and productive changes taking place in all aspects of life including communication, skills, technology and environment.
  • To provide loving care, support and encouragement equally to students of all backgrounds and nationalities, all races and religions, creating within the academy a harmonious multicultural learning environment in which all students are equally important, happy and successful.
  • To create a work environment, which motivates, recognize and rewards achievements at all levels, under the slogan: ′we would always perform our obligations with integrity, devotion, truthfulness and confidence and would strive for the greatest and achieve for the highest to meet our sublime aims and splendid goals.

Abroad Study Center regards four strong pillars to be its foundation of achievements:

  • Intellectual Strength: We remain informative about the subject matter and become capable of decision-making with a steadfast willpower. With forward-looking thinking, we emphasize entrepreneurship within boundaries of organizational ethics.
  • Intrinsic Strength: Our team possesses creativity and farsightedness. We have built positive perspective towards work and society and believe in dedication towards professionalism.
  • Moral Strength: We believe in our organizational values and work to mobilize high morale. We have boosted high morale among our team members. We stress on fortitude, resolution and above all, confidence.
  • Operating Strength: Developing qualities of professionalism in work lies in our top priority. We understand that communication skills with change-oriented capabilities add up to maximize output. Each of our members asks- Can I make a difference?